No script.  Pure joy.

Located in Melbourne, Florida, Not Quite Right Comedy Improv Troupe specializes in family-friendly, short form and long form improv.  We take audience suggestions and incorporate them into crazy scenarios that are - with a little luck - uniquely hilarious.  

First Saturdays - Short Form

Think "Whose Line is it Anyway?".  Silly, short games with strange rules where we humiliate ourselves for your amusement.  Performances are the first Saturday of every month.

Third Saturdays - Long form

Popular in Chicago, long form improv is all about performers working together to create an amazing one-act play without any sort of pre-planning.  The performers and the audience all discover the story at the same time, and it's that process of discovery that is both magical and hilarious.  NQR long form shows are every third Saturday of the month.

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