Not Quite Right Comedy Improv

Hi.  You accidentally clicked the website for Not Quite Right, Comedy Improv Troupe!  We're terribly sorry for the inconvenience. Not to worry - we've already begun formulating a strongly-worded letter to The Google on your behalf.

Based out of Melbourne, Florida, on the beautiful Space Coast of Brevard County, we specialize in short-form games and long-form scenes.  Every show is made up on the spot, never seen before and - with a little luck - never seen again.  The cast is comprised of well-seasoned local actors (Jessica is lemon pepper!), with over 15 years of improv experience.  Our shows are safe for families, full of laughs, and always Not Quite Right.

Hire us for your next event, company workshop, social gathering, Bat Mitzvah, middle school dance, awkward staring contest, or anything else that doesn't require manual labor.  (We have delicate skin and nails.)


One of the weird things about an improv performance is that when you try to describe something you saw to someone who wasn’t there, you end up looking like an idiot. You just have to come see the show to appreciate the true, unbridled, ignorant bliss of it all.
— Jon Emmerich, NQR troupe member & generally quotable person