Train your brain


Train your brain

Create a Culture of Communication

You might be the smartest person in the room.
Your ideas may be groundbreaking, but these hard skills won’t get you very far without the soft skills.
That’s what Not Quite Right’s “Train Your Brain” workshops are all about. We teach participants to set aside their own agendas in order to
communicate more effectively, ultimately moving you and your team forward to achieve your goals.

 Follow us on this…

 Scenario 1
You’re in a meeting and you’re not actually listening to the person speaking, because you’re formulating your own ideas. If you’re doing that, what do you think everyone else is doing while you’re speaking?
 Scenario 2
You have a plan, which means you’re already setting that plan into motion, shutting down any idea that doesn’t seem to fit. But what if a potential idea from someone else can actual spark another - better - idea that you can use?
 Scenario 3
You need to communicate your idea, but you’re not sure how. You’re worried about looking dumb, unprepared or making a mistake. What if they don’t get it? What if they don’t like it? While all these thoughts are running through your head, you’ve lost your audience. They don’t get it. They’re not connecting with you, because you’re not connecting with them.

 We use improv exercises to teach soft skills like:

  • Setting aside your own personal agenda

  • Accepting and adding to ideas

  • Listening and responding to each other

  • Increasing verbal and non-verbal awareness

  • Effectively working together, not against each other

  • Connecting with others across complex ideas

So, instead of spending hours on a PowerPoint presentation that no one will remember (though, we will admit that some of those slide transitions are pretty dang nifty), let NQR come teach its unique set of soft skills that your organization can actually use.  

NQR does all the work, everyone has a great time, and you take all the glory.  Try getting all that from a picnic table trust fall.

Still don't believe us? Just ask CareerSource Brevard, the City of Melbourne and Groundswell Startups what they think.


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